maximizing resources

minimizing environmental impact
creating customer value

La Mesilla Verde, a premier green building concept whose time has come.

We have our own in-house LEED AP and design and drafting professionals.
Promoting, but not limited to the listed technologies:
La Mesilla Verde GreenBuild energy efficient systems
Innovative strategies
Enhanced environmental quality
  • daylighting and views
  • healthy indoor air quality due to low VOC emitting materials
Quality finish materials
  • natural stone or tile
  • granite counter tops
  • high performance name brand carpet
  • cork, wood, rubber, textiles and more . . .
Local Indegnous materials & methods
  • insulated panel systems, rastra block, pumicecrete
    and/or recycled papercrete construction
Solar & wind powered
Green belt walking trail
  • Gray waterrecycling
  • save freshwater by irrigating with household washwater
  • relieve strain on septic systems
  • purify wastewater without energy or chemicals
Rain water harvesting
Integrated building systems
  • commissioned to work together to maximize the benefits of each component
  • U.S. green building council/LEED directed project
  • LEED is "leaders in energy and environmental design"
  • let our LEED accredited staff guide you in creating the most desirable
    and energy environment
Youth mentoring apprenticeships available

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